Policies and Procedures

Lesson Schedule

Students attend a weekly one-hour lesson September through June. Wonderful learning environments and unique dynamics exist due to the group structure of lessons. The curriculum for each class is carefully sequenced from September through June. Students and their families should make a commitment to attend lessons throughout the year and consider seasonal activities when completing registration since times/days do not change during the school year.

Lesson Etiquette

Please arrive on time. Exceptional behavior is expected. We appreciate: clean hands, trimmed nails, quietly opened and closed doors; restroom needs taken care of before class begins and food and drink left outside. Teachers concentrate on classes and do not monitor the lobby before or after lessons. Please pick up students promptly following their lessons. Parents may chose to use the lobby area to wait during their student’s lesson but please keep in mind the windows can be distracting for students. Students tend to participate more and focus better when they are not being watched. For the safety and security of our students and staff our premises are video monitored. 

Practice Time

The length of practice time depends on age and level and will be discussed frequently with students in class, but practice 5-6 times per week is expected and necessary for success. Plan practice sessions into a specific time each day to create and maintain a habit. Playing music should become a daily part of your life. Dr. Suzuki used to tell his students, “You don’t have to practice every day, just the days that you eat.”
Enjoying any activity is tightly connected to how much you improve or notice in your accomplishments. How much you improve is tightly connected to how much time you spend making music.

Need an Instrument?

Yes, students will need an instrument at home that they can practice on. We recommend Welch Music Center. They have a great selection and their helpful and knowledgeable staff can help you find an instrument that is just right for you.

Parental Involvement

Parental support is crucial to the success of each student. Students are only with their teacher once each week. Much of their progress and effort will be made at home. Your encouragement and support will greatly affect the outcome of their studies. Please check student assignment binders weekly. Not only are these a tool to track assignments and practice, but teachers use them to communicate with parents also. We regularly communicate via email too. Please check that “contact@MusicCenterStudios” is on your safe senders list. Our monthly newsletter contains helpful and interesting information along with our calendar and important dates. We always welcome your feedback or questions. Parents may contact their teacher directly, or email Amy at contact@MusicCenterStudios.com.

Tuition and Fees

Our automated payment system is easy and hassle-free for you. Simply fill out the auto-pay form with a voided check and tuition will be charged to your checking account on the 1st of each month.
The annual registration fee covers the cost of lesson and supplemental books, materials, recital fees, MCS EXPO, Piano Maestro account, studio parties and performance events. Fees for other optional events outside of MCS are collected separately. Registration fees are charged at the time of enrollment for new students and in September of each year for returning students.
Tuition is not prorated for lessons missed by a student. Tuition covers 37 lessons, September – June, divided into 10 equal payments.


Fairview Location: Ample parking is available throughout the Towne and Country Plaza, with many spots located behind Great Harvest. Occasionally our neighbors at Welch Music Center may require extra parking when their recital hall is in use. They have asked for our help in keeping the spaces in front of their recital hall (located on the east side of the building) open during these evenings.

State Street Location: The State Street studio parking and entrance is located at the back of the building with it’s own convenient parking lot.  Parents do not need to worry about finding on-street parking.


Performance Opportunities

Music Center Studios participates in the NFMC Spring Festival, Clavinova Fun Fest, and presents MCS EXPO and a recital each year. Additionally students will be given the opportunity to perform at studio parties and local community events.